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Health and Fitness News

Why Groups?

Group training offers unique fitness benefits, but there are some drawbacks too.

You look forward to your personal training sessions each week. After all, one-on-one time with a fitness expert is what you need to maintain the motivation needed to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Because trainers are skilled in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, they’re able to push you to new levels without compromising your health or putting you at risk for injury. And with your personal trainer, you know you’re getting the personal attention you need to stay on the fast track to maximum health.

However, recent fitness trends are seeing an increase in small group training. Instead of one-on-one training with an instructor, group training sessions typically include 4 to 10 people and one instructor. Take note: group training is not the same as a group class where the entire group of people are doing the same thing under the guidance of an instructor. With group training, everyone is able to exercise at their own intensity and fitness level.

Before switching to group training, here are a few of its pros and cons.

The Pros

When there are more people in a class, your instructor may be able to charge less per session. Don’t worry, your instructor won’t be losing money. The opposite is likely true. If you’re looking to save money on your training sessions, group training may be worth investigating.

Group training is also gaining popularity because it takes advantage of a secret to successful weight loss—accountability. When you have friends to work out with, you’re more prone to stick with exercise and give it your best effort. Over time you may develop a sense of comradery with your group. Many people find it more enjoyable to exercise with friends. When you know your workout buddies are at the gym, you don’t want to skip out and let them down. Some group training sessions even add in an element of competitiveness to keep clients motivated. So if coming in first matters, getting to the gym to win may be all the motivation you need.Even though you’re working out with a group of people, you’re still able to get an individualized workout plan and personal coaching from your trainer. To make the most of this, don’t be shy in asking for help.

The Cons

Before you decide to quit your individualized personal training sessions, think twice, as there are definite drawbacks to group training. The larger the group, the harder it is for the instructor to give personal attention to each client. Maybe you’re new to exercise or are recovering from an injury. If this is you, personal training is a better fit.

Also, if you’re seeking to improve your skill level in an area of fitness or learn a specific skill, nothing can compare to one-on-one coaching. In a group setting, your instructor may not notice if you make small mistakes in your form. This increases the chances you’ll form bad habits, move out of alignment, or lift with poor posture. When this happens, you’re at a greater risk for injury.

You may not like the competitive atmosphere of group training. Being in a group may intimidate you and make you feel self-conscious. Peer pressure may make you feel rushed or compromise your form.

On the other hand, if you’re in better shape than the other people in the group, the session may bore you and not challenge you. Making this problem worse is that group training may focus on a limited number of exercises, which causes you to miss out on variety.

Finally, some groups may be more talkative than others. If you want to focus on your workout without distraction, group training may not be what you’re looking for.

Regardless of which you prefer, finding the workout style that keeps you heading to the gym is most important. Find it, stick to it, and enjoy improved health through it.