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  • From Crying to Cooing
    When changing and feeding the baby don’t seem to do the trick, here are a few ideas for calming a crying baby. Remember—you may have to try all of these tricks before finding what works. But don’t worry. These sleepless nights won’t last forever. Read >>
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From Crying to Cooing

Not sure how to calm a fussy baby? Try these methods

One of the most frustrating things for new parents is dealing with a fussy baby who simply won’t be consoled. If only babies could tell you what’s bothering them! Instead, it’s a guessing game. Are they hungry, dirty, hot, cold, gassy, sick, tired, or overly stimulated? To make the guessing game even more difficult, some babies just seem to cry for crying sake.

When changing and feeding the baby don’t seem to do the trick, here are a few ideas for calming a crying baby. Remember—you may have to try all of these tricks before finding what works. But don’t worry. These sleepless nights won’t last forever.

Baby Burrito

Let’s face it, the world is a cold and scary place compared to the confines of mommy’s tummy. Many babies feel safe and secure when swaddled in a warm, soft blanket. Thumb or finger suckers may prefer to have a hand free of the blankets to suck. Otherwise, wrapping up the body helps keep the arms and legs from moving and preventing sleep.

White Noise

Unlike what you may expect, the womb is anything but quiet. There’s a constant swooshing noise of blood and heart beat. This is why people shush babies to calm them. So you and your baby can get some sleep, play quiet white noise in the background. A fan, an app on your phone, or a machine can do the job quite nicely. White noise can also prevent household noises from waking a sleeping baby.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Babies are used to moving around inside mommy. This is why they love the gentle motion of swinging, swaying, rocking, or bouncing. From baby swings to rocking chairs to bouncy seats and beyond, your house is likely taken over by baby equipment. Use it!


Babies are born with a strong sucking reflex. For some reason, the act of sucking comforts, soothes, and calms. Because of this, pacifiers are a must-have for many parents. When baby’s still fussy after being fed and changed, popping in a pacifier may do the trick. Not sure if you want to give your baby a pacifier? Babies who suck on pacifiers have a lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome. It’s also an easier habit to break than sucking a thumb or fingers.

Past Bedtime

Most newborns have the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. But the older they get the harder it is to self-soothe. After all, the world is so interesting, so who wants to sleep? Babies quickly get cranky and fussy when they’re overly tired and over-stimulated. With all the noise, lights, and people, sometimes a baby may cry just to be left alone. The sleepier they are, the harder it can be for them to fall asleep. Pay attention to your baby’s sleep ques. At the first sign of tiredness (rubbing eyes, crying, heavy eyes), it’s time to begin a calming bed or nap routine.

The Great Outdoors

Can’t get your baby to stop crying? Step outside. Rock on the porch swing or take a walk around the block. The new sounds, temperatures, and fresh air work wonders on calming fussy babies (and parents). Cold outside? Just wrap up in a warm blanket.

Trapped Air

It’s amazing how much air a tiny baby can swallow. That trapped air can be painful until expelled in a burp or fart. When babies are fussy after a feeding, it may be gas. Gently but firmly pat or rub baby’s back. Lay them on their stomachs for tummy-time or lay them on their back and move their legs in a bicycle motion.