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Break the Soda Habit

Wish you weren’t addicted to drinking so much soda? Try these tips to cut back.

It’s sweet, fizzy, cool, and goes with all your favorite foods. On top of that, the caffeine in your favorite soda gives you a boost of energy and the taste satisfies your craving for something sweet. Unfortunately, soda has no nutritional value, outrageous amounts of added sugar, extra calories, and a host of artificial ingredients.

In other words, soda is bad for you. But you’re addicted and can’t seem to kick the habit.

As you begin a new year, maybe one of your resolutions is to cut back on the amount of soda you drink or do away with soda altogether. While it won’t be easy to put soda in your past, it is possible. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Make a List

When you’re ready to make a change, it helps to think it through. To stop sipping on soda, get out a pen and paper and write down all the reasons why you should stop drinking so much soda. You may want to include things like your growing waistline, the health of your teeth and bones, an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes, the number of calories you’d save (a 20-ounce bottle of Coke contains 240 calories), or the amount of exercise it would take to burn those calories (a five-mile walk or a 50-minute jog).

Post this list on your refrigerator or somewhere you’ll be reminded every time you want to have a drink.

Make a Plan

A vague goal to cut back on soda isn’t going to work. When you decide to make the change, you’ve got to make a plan. Is your tactic to quit “cold turkey” or to gradually wean yourself? Maybe the first couple weeks you plan to cut back from three sodas a day to two. Then from two to one, and from one to none.

Can you avoid situations or restaurants that make you crave soda? If you’re eating out and order a soda, when the wait staff come with a refill, ask for water instead. When you’re starting out, it may be helpful to have enough soda in the house for your daily allotment. As you move forward, cut back the amount of soda in your house until there isn’t any.

Make Substitutions

Eliminating soda from your diet means adding other alternative drinks. Try flavored soda water if you enjoy beverages with flavor and fizzy carbonation but want to avoid soda’s calories, caffeine, and added sugar.

If you still need a jolt of caffeine, make yourself a cup of unsweetened or lightly sweetened green or black tea. Whether prepared hot or cold, tea contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that prevent disease instead of create them like soda.

Of course, water is always a healthy option to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated. Miss the flavor of soda? Add lemon or lime slices, mint leaves, or a flavor packet.

As you’re transitioning to less soda, experiment with different brands. There are types of soda that are more expensive but contain less sugar and artificial ingredients. Since these brands are more expensive, you may be forced to drink less of them.

Make Allowances

There will be times when you fall back into old habits or slip up and give in to your cravings. Don’t beat yourself up. Restricting all soda may make you crave it even more, so as part of your plan, allow for occasional indulgences. This may mean a cheat night on the weekends or holidays.