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Health and Fitness News

Jumping on the Jade Rolling Wagon

Is this a fad or an effective beauty treatment?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? A face with a clear, smooth complexion that looks young and vibrant? Or do you see puffiness, bags, wrinkles, and blemishes? If you’re more likely to see the signs of aging and stress looking back at you, then you may be considering a jade facial roller. While it may sound like a pointless beauty fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow, you may be surprised to learn that jade rollers have been around for thousands of years and are just making a comeback.

So what is a jade roller, how do you use one, and do these newly refound tools make good on their beauty promises? Keep reading to find out.

A Beauty Tool

Jade rollers look like mini paint rollers, with a larger roller on one end and a smaller roller at the opposite end. The rollers are made with a solid jade stone in various colors and range in price from a few dollars up to $60. The stone feels naturally cool to your skin, but you can store your roller in the refrigerator to increase its coolness and effectiveness. Some people, however, prefer to use a roller at room temperature.

What It Claims to Do

There’s a long list of possible benefits to using a jade roller. Here are a few of the perks according to jade-roller advocates.

As the jade roller gently massages the facial skin where lymphatic fluid builds up, it stimulates the lymphatic system to help eliminate extra fluids. The massaging action also improves circulation. The end result of these effects are a brightened complexion with reduced facial puffiness, redness, wrinkles, bags under your eyes, and breakouts. It may also boost circulation, eliminate toxins from the skin, and even increase collagen production. Even if it doesn’t do any of these things, there’s nothing wrong with a gentle facial massage.

How to Use It

To use a jade roller, first cleanse your skin. After all, you don’t want to massage dirt and makeup further into your pores. After washing your face, apply a few drops of oil or moisturizer to your face. Jade rollers glide easier with oil or cream and the roller will actually help the product absorb into your skin better. Use the larger roller for the larger parts of your face like your cheeks, neck, and forehead, and use the smaller roller for areas around your eyes and mouth.

Apply gentle, even pressure as you roll. Start on your cheeks near the middle of your face and roll outward toward the edges of your face. Always go in an outward and upward direction, away from the center of your face. Roll down your neck to help drain the lymphatic system. And as you roll, use care around your eyes.

When you’re done using the roller, clean it with warm, soapy water.

Does It Work?

No clinical studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of jade rollers, but there are a lot of people who claim to clearly see the difference they make on their skin.

In the end, a jade roller may not be as effective as other pricey dermatological facial procedures that are proven to work, but they can make a difference. Even if they don’t banish under-eye bags or clear up blemishes, jade rollers can help soothe your skin and relax your facial muscles. You may not see results overnight, but the repeated massaging may make a difference over time.