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  • Beat the Fever
    During the winter months, the weather can get too nasty to spend time outdoors. Being cooped up inside for days or weeks at a time can make some people go stir crazy. On the days when you feel tired of being surrounded by four walls or isolated from the rest of the world and leaving the house isn’t an option, here are a few ideas to help you beat cabin fever. Read >>
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Beat the Fever

Cabin fever, that is.

​During the winter months, the weather can get too nasty to spend time outdoors. Being cooped up inside for days or weeks at a time can make some people go stir crazy. When you’re used to the freedom of enjoying the great outdoors and then you’re suddenly confined to the house for days or even weeks on end, it’s not surprising you feel restless and bored. 

​On the days when you feel tired of being surrounded by four walls or isolated from the rest of the world and leaving the house isn’t an option, here are a few ideas to help you beat cabin fever. 

​Learn Something New

​Feel like your mind is turning to mush the more television shows you watch? Turn off the TV and do something productive with your time. It’s amazing what you can learn by watching online videos or reading books you can download. Learn how to play a new instrument, what life was like 200 years ago, how to knit, the best way to bake the perfect cookie, or how to plant a spring garden. 

​Do Household Projects

​You know all those projects around the house you’ve been thinking of doing? There’s no better time than now. Redecorate a room, paint the walls, or rearrange the furniture. 

​Why not get your spring cleaning done ahead of time? Wipe down the baseboards, ceiling fan blades, and cabinet shelves. Clean out the closets and junk drawers, de-clutter each room, and make a pile of clothes and items to donate. And when spring rolls around, you’ll be ready to get out and about, because all your cleaning is done!

​Have Friends Over

​Feeling isolated and lonely on these dark winter days? You may not want to brave the cold, but maybe your friends do. Invite a few friends over to share a pot of soup. Plan a game night and pull out the board games and cards. Put on a movie and make some popcorn. Being a good host doesn’t mean you have to provide a five-course meal. Just being together and enjoying each other’s company is what matters and will do wonders to help you beat cabin fever—even though you’re still in your cabin. 

​Bring the Outdoors Inside

​You may not be able to go outside, but you can bring some of the outdoors inside. Buy a bunch of houseplants to set around the house. When the dark, dreary days of winter are depressing you, it helps to have life and color around you. Plus, living plants improve indoor air quality. If you don’t have a green thumb, purchase plants that don’t require much care. 

​Do a Puzzle or Hobby

​Looking for something to enjoy on evenings you’re cooped up inside? Bring out a puzzle for the family to work on. You may be surprised at how fun it can be. 

​Wish you had more time to spend doing a hobby? The winter is a great time to get out the sewing machine, scrapbook, carving knives, or model trains. Don’t have a hobby but wish you did? Get on Pinterest and learn a new skill. 

​Plan a Vacation

​It may be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of summer. Take some time while you’re stuck inside and plan a fun family summer vacation. The options are endless. From the beach and the mountains to a big city or a cross-country drive, get the family involved to research the best deals, plan your itinerary, and make reservations. Then get going!