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Health and Fitness News

A Green Bill of Health

The many ways a cup of green tea can improve your health.

Next to water, tea is the most common drink in the world. While the variety of options is limitless (herbal, white, oolong, black, and green, to name a few), some teas are special. Green is one of the most special. Unlike the other three types of teas, green tea is unoxidized and seems to contain especially powerful antioxidants that fight and prevent cell damage.

And the world knows there’s something special about green tea. Hence why an estimated 20 percent of all tea consumed in the world is green! Travel the globe and you can find green tea bottled and sweetened, loose-leaf, in tea bags, in instant-powder form, or as supplements. If you’ve not jumped on the green tea train, what are you waiting for?

Here are five reasons why you should drink more green tea, starting today.

#1: Improves Heart Health

Green tea doesn’t just make your heart happy. Studies show green tea offers many benefits for your heart and circulatory system. The main strength of green tea comes from the flavonoids within the tea. These powerful flavonoids work to improve circulation, lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

#2: Provides Brain Benefits

When your heart is in good health, your brain is likely to be more healthy as well. Brain cells benefit from improved circulation, and your brain needs healthy blood vessels to function.

If you want to improve your memory and ward off dementia, it may be possible with the aid of green tea. One study showed more activity in the working-memory area of the brain in people who drink green tea.

While more studies are needed, green tea may also help prevent plaques from forming in the brain and therefore helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

#3: May Aid Weight Loss

You may have heard that green is good for weight loss, that it burns belly fat or boosts metabolism. But don’t believe everything you hear. There’s no magic ingredient in green tea to make you lose weight. That said, one active ingredient in green tea, EGCG, may play a role in minimal weight loss, but more studies are needed to confirm this suspicion. However, if your go-to drinks are soda, lemonade, sports drinks, or other sugar-heavy drinks, switching to green tea will likely result in some shedded pounds.

Change is vital, improvement the logical form of change. - James Cash Penney

#4: Could Help Prevent Cancer

While studies show the polyphenol plant compounds in green tea may reduce the growth of cancer cells in animals, human studies are mixed. What is known is that cancer rates are lower in countries where people drink a lot of green tea, but this may be due to other lifestyle factors. While more research is needed, green tea, like other plant-based foods and drinks, may play a protective role against cancers of the breast, ovary, bladder, colon, esophagus, lung, skin, stomach, and prostate. For this effect, you’d need to drink anywhere from 2 to 10 cups a day.

#5: Good for Mental Health

The British tradition of teatime may be something you should adopt, as sitting down and taking a break from your stressful day to sip tea is an effective way to relax. This may be due to the natural chemicals found in tea that make you feel less anxious and more calm.

It is important to know that green tea contains some caffeine, which may increase alertness and mental focus. Just don’t drink caffeinated tea near bedtime if you’re sensitive to caffeine’s effects.