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Making the Most of It

Stop wasting time with these helpful tips.

Do you find that simple tasks end up taking way more time than they should? At the end of the day do you wonder what you actually accomplished? If you’re like many people, you struggle with time management. You get easily distracted and you spend way too much time on social media, on your phone, or watching television, while your to-do list sits waiting.

You know that being productive is a good thing, and when you are, you feel good. After a productive day, you can go to bed at night and rest easy, knowing you used your time wisely.

How can you do this each and every day? With these tips!

Set Goals

Before you make any changes to your daily routine, determine what your ultimate goals are. Maybe you want more family time, a balance between work and family, more time to exercise, or better sleep at night. Whatever your goals, make them concrete and reachable. When you keep those priorities in mind, you’ll be more dedicated to making the changes necessary to reach your goals.

Recognize Hurdles

To be more productive, it helps to recognize what it is that slows you down. Is it your own laziness, a struggle with procrastination or perfectionism, or feeling like you have to do everything at once or please everyone all the time? You may need to address these underlying problems in your own life before making progress on time management.

Make a Schedule

At the beginning of each day, write down your schedule or to-do list. As you schedule your day, think about what time of the day you’re most productive. Most people find they’re most focused during the morning hours. Depending on your tasks, break the day into 15-minute, 30-minute, or hour-long increments.Think about how much time you need to set aside for larger tasks and don’t overestimate the amount of time it takes for simple tasks.

If you prefer making lists, do the most important tasks, the hardest projects, or the least enjoyable things first so you can stop worrying about them. Look for apps, daily planners, or calendars on your phone to help organize your day.

Create Deadlines

If you know you have all week to accomplish a job, don’t procrastinate until Friday afternoon to start. Break a big project down into smaller jobs that aren’t as overwhelming, and give yourself reasonable deadlines along the way. When you finish a job, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy for a few minutes.

Put Away Distractions

What are the things in your day that distract you from reaching your goals? It may be social media, notifications on your phone or computer, coworkers, snacking, or life outside your window. While you’re working, put away all distractions. Turn off notifications, set time limits on social media apps on your phone, put a note on your door for privacy, and close the blinds. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish without distractions.

Take Breaks

You’ll be more productive when you take breaks. You may feel you have too much to do for a lunch break, but working through lunch is a bad idea. Move around, get a change of scenery, and eat a healthy meal to give your mind and body time to rest and regroup for the tasks you need to accomplish in the afternoon.