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    Whether through private lessons, in a pep band, or on YouTube, learning a musical instrument provides the learner with more perks than just the enjoyment of making music. Music and the process of learning how to play it provide mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Read >>
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Health and Fitness News

Tubas, Trombones, and Trumpets

Why play a musical instrument? Because it’s good for you.

Maybe you were blessed to take piano lessons when you were young or perhaps your ukulele skills were self-taught. Whether through private lessons, in a pep band, or on YouTube, learning a musical instrument provides the learner with more perks than just the enjoyment of making music. Music and the process of learning how to play it provide mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Don’t ever think the countless hours you spent practicing your violin or the money you spent on guitar lessons were in vain. The benefits you gained are priceless.

Here are a few of the many benefits of playing a musical instrument.

Mental Benefits

Children who learn an instrument perform better in school. Learning to play an instrument is like a workout for your brain. It forms new connections in the brain and uses both sides of your brain, which help to improve memory, abstract reasoning skills, literacy, and even your understanding of math.

The hours of practice it takes to master a new song, chord, or scale obviously improves your ability to play music. A great side benefit is that it improves your concentration and enhances your ability to focus. And as you know, being proficient at a new instrument doesn’t happen overnight. The time and effort of learning an instrument develops time management skills and self-discipline.

Whether writing new music or studying song lyrics, playing an instrument cultivates creativity as you learn new ways to express emotion and make noise.

Emotional Benefits

Playing an instrument doesn’t just provide mental benefits, but it’s good for your emotional health as well. Research has found that the enjoyment you get from playing music is one way to manage stress and reduce anxiety. In fact, studies show music has the ability to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, making music the most enjoyable way to avoid heart disease.

Playing music can be like therapy, as it offers a way to express your feelings in a non-threatening way. Whether you’re experiencing anger, stress, sadness, depression, happiness, or excitement, it can be expressed creatively through music.

One of the best benefits of playing a musical instrument is the enjoyment it brings to the player and the listeners. When playing, you’re actively engaged in something that brings joy, fulfillment, and a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished. At the same time, mastering a new song or difficult skill builds self-confidence. Take that song and perform it in front of an audience, and you’ll build character and be forced to overcome your fears.

Looking to make friends? Playing an instrument is a great way to do it. Look for a musical group to join, whether for fun, to get extra practice, or to professionally perform. Play with other people regularly, and you’ll take your musical abilities to the next level while having fun working as a team.

Physical Benefits

Lastly, playing a musical instrument provides physical benefits. It takes coordination to play a sport, but it also takes coordination to play an instrument. Moving your hands, fingers, and even your feet to a specific rhythm while staying in tune teaches fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

If you play a wind instrument, the deep breathing required to play it will strengthen your respiratory system. And if you practice proper form, you’ll also practice proper posture, which will carry over into your everyday life, helping reduce your likelihood of experiencing back or neck pain.

Finally, it may seem like a super power, but learning to play music gives you advanced auditory skills. Playing on key trains your brain and ears to discern sounds and tones that you would otherwise ignore.

So get in the practice room and prepare to live a healthier life—physically, mentally, and emotionally.