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Health and Fitness News

6 Tips to a Better PT Experience

Six ways to get the most out of your physical therapy sessions.

Have you recently had surgery or suffered a sports injury? Are you dealing with another source of pain? If so, then your doctor may recommend you see a physical therapist.

With appropriate physical therapy (PT), you’ll reap all sorts of rewards. PT offers pain relief and increased mobility. It also helps you manage chronic illness, avoid surgery, and improve the quality of your life.

Getting through the PT process takes time, money, commitment, and effort. So, if you’re seeing a physical therapist, you can’t afford to waste your time. Here are six ways to reap the most benefit from your sessions.

Find the Right Fit

For the best results, you should find the best therapist for your condition. While many go to PT on doctor’s orders, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a physical therapist. This means you can choose your own. Do your homework and find a certified therapist who has experience working with people who have your condition. You may want to find a therapist who specializes in certain areas of care. There are specialists in sports injuries, specific areas of the body, and post-operative care. To make sure your PT will go well, go in for a meet and greet. You want a therapist you can respect and trust and someone who’s easy to talk to.

Be Prepared

At your first appointment, the therapist will ask a lot of questions during. Come prepared with records of important dates, a timeline of your condition, a list of current medications, and any MRI or X-ray reports. The more information you provide your PT, the more likely you’ll get a treatment plan that will work for your situation.

Set Goals

Why are you doing physical therapy? Are you hoping to play soccer again or walk up the stairs without pain? Creating goals for therapy helps your therapist customize your treatment plan. It’s also helpful for you. Having specific goals to work toward is key to keep you motivated.

Make a Commitment

Don’t expect healing from PT to happen overnight. While a minor injury may only require a few visits, a severe injury can take weeks or months to recover. Don’t give up! Make the commitment to therapy, and the effort will be worth it. If you experience pain along the way, you may be tempted to skip appointments or your homework. Doing this may backfire on you. Feeling pain may indicate the therapy is working. Call your therapist if your pain makes you nervous.

Do Your Homework

With most PT, you’re taught how to do certain exercises at home between sessions. To reap the most benefit from therapy, do your homework and stick to the treatment plan. You’ll see the best results when you do your exercises consistently and as directed. Performing too many reps or using incorrect form may hinder your progress or cause more harm. Creating a dedicated space in your home to do the exercises may be helpful.

Keep Your Therapist Informed

Your physical therapist can only help if they know how you’re progressing. Keep your therapist informed of any continuing or new aches or pains. Ask questions about any concerns. Make sure you clearly understand instructions for homework exercises. It may help to log your exercises, along with any pains and progress during your therapy.